Department of Defense, OUSD(AT&L), Acquisition Resources and Analysis (ARA)


DEP DIR, Acquisition Management - Deputy to the Director, Acquisition Resources & Analysis/Acquisition Management (ARA/AM) is responsible for: Serving as Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) Executive Secretary, Establishing Acquisition Program Baselines (APBs).

DEP DIR, External Customer Support - The ARA External Customer Support Division provides customer-focused services to the key leaders in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the defense acquisition, technology and logistics community on legislative activities; to include Congressional hearings, proposed legislation, positions on AT&L matters to Congress, Congressional inquiries, reports to Congress, GAO/IG reviews; foreign scientist waivers, Ready Book preparation and other mission critical assignments.

DEP DIR, Information Technology Management - The Information Technology Management Directorate provides world-class information technology infrastructure and related management support services to our AT&L customers.

DEP DIR, Resource Analysis - Resource Analysis (RA) is staffed with broadly and deeply experienced analysts, military, civilian and contractor who have been involved in Department of Defense requirements, financial and acquisition management in the field, service headquarters and Office of the Secretary of Defense.

DEP DIR, OSD Studies and FFRDC Programs Office - Responsible for OSD policy and procedures for acquiring Contract Advisory and Assistance Services. Provides management and oversight of the OSD and OUSD(A&T) Studies Program. Performs primary sponsorship functions for the Institute for Defense Analysis and Rand National Defense Research Institute FFRDCs. Supports the Director, Defense Research and Engineering by providing policy guidance and management oversight of the DoD FFRDC Program.

DEP DIR, Property & Equipment Policy - Identify and lead the Department-wide effort in developing and implementing near term, mid-term, and long-term solutions to Military Equipment Valuation and Accountability.

DEP DIR, Enterprise Information - Provide leadership timely access to accurate, authoritative and reliable data supporting acquisition oversight, analysis, and decision-making by identifying information management and capability needs on behalf of the USD(AT&L) and obtaining, managing, and delivering an Acquisition Visibility (AV) capability in support of OUSD(AT&L) strategic acquisition priorities and initiatives.