ASD(A) provides oversight and policy direction for the DoD's acquisition system, major defense acquisitions programs and space and intelligence acquisitions.

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Aug 2014

Guidelines For Creating and Maintaining a Competitive Environment for Supplies and Services in the Department of Defense:

"These guidelines are intended to provoke thought about the various approaches that may be employed to competitively fulfill the Department's requirements. The techniques and examples cited herein should be considered in developing acquisition strategies to tailor an approach that creates and maintains a competitive environment throughout the life cycle of a given product or service. By fostering an environment in which continuous competition is valued, the Department will be poised to realize the benefits derived by leveraging competition to incentivize industry to deliver quality, cost-effective products and services to satisfy the mission."

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Better Buying Power
BBP 3.0 Products Released

On 19 Sep 2014, Frank Kendall, the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, released the interim version of Better Buying Power 3.0.
View BBP 3.0 whitepaper >
BBP 3.0 Presentation by Frank Kendall >Better Buying Power

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