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ASD(A) Organization

With more than 11,000 dedicated professionals, ASD(A)'s oversight and policy direction reaches across the Department of Defense (DoD), improving acquisition processes, major defense systems and space and intelligence operations. Five offices comprise ASD(A): C3 & Cyber, Joint Operations Support, Performance Assessments and Root Cause Analyses, Space and Intelligence Office and Strategic and Tactical Systems. Additionally, ASD(A) oversees the Defense Acquisition University and the Defense Contract Management Agency, which provide premier workforce training, and education, and world class contract management and administration services, respectively.

Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Acquisition)

Assistant Secretary of Defense (Acquisition)
Mrs. Katrina G. McFarland

Within the ASD(A) organization, there are seven separate agencies/staff offices supporting the Department of Defense in the acquisition domain. For more information about our organization, read the overviews below.

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C3 & Cyber

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
Dr. Ronald Jost


Oversees all critical war fighting communications, command and control, and cyberspace capabilities and is the Principal Staff Assistant for non-intelligence space systems.
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Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)

Acting Director
Mr. James M. Russell
Offers acquisition management services to America's military and contributes to our military readiness
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Performance Assessments and Root Cause Analyses (PARCA)

Mr. Gary Bliss
Oversees preparation of performance assessments on all major defense acquisitions programs (MDAPs) and root cause analyses for major defense acquisition programs with Nunn-McCurdy breach status.
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Strategic and Tactical Systems (S&TS)

Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
Ms. Darlene Costello
Oversees and provides insight for Department of Defense strategic and tactical acquisition programs
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Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

Mr. James Woolsey


Provides a global learning environment to develop qualified acquisition, requirements and contingency professionals who deliver and sustain effective and affordable warfighting capabilities.
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Joint Operations Support (JOS)

Mr. Michael Knollmann


Synchronizes the Acquisition, Technology & Logistics (AT&L) organization with the development and validation of military needs performed by the Joint Staff under the Joint Requirements Oversight Council, serves as the coordination point between AT&L and joint combatant commander staffs, and coordinates program-budget activities and resource management for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Acquisition.
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Space and Intelligence Office (SIO)

Deputy Assistant
Secretary of Defense
Mr. Gil Klinger
Primary advisor to ASD(A) on issues associated with end-to-end space and intelligence acquisitions.

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