Research and Engineering Executive Committee

The newly established Department of Defense (DoD) Research and Engineering Executive Committee (R&E EXCOM) is the department’s leadership forum to strengthen cross-component coordination and enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the department's R&E investments in areas which cannot be addressed adequately by any single component.

The R&E EXCOM is established in a dynamic environment of new department priorities and challenges. The department's strategic rebalance requires new technical capabilities to enable new operational capabilities. With increased budget pressure, the department's infrastructure will be difficult to sustain, long-term bets will be challenged, and investments in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education will need to be much better aligned for impact. To address these challenges, the department must develop a more transparent research and engineering strategic engagement across the enterprise. The R&E EXCOM will be the forum to provide unified and coordinated guidance for the department's R&E budget and execution decisions to support each component's near- and long-term acquisition programs.

The R&E EXCOM members are:

The R&E EXCOM Executive Secretary is the Prinicipal Deputy ASD(R&E).

The R&E EXCOM is supported by three steering committees that will develop and provide recommendations to the R&E EXCOM for consideration:

EXCOM org chart Joint S&T Steering Committee Joint Enterprise Committe Joint STEM Steering Committe


Naval Research Laboratory Office of Naval Research U.S. Air Force DARPA Force Health Protection & Readiness DTRA ASD(R&E) Army Research Laboratory Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisitions, Logistics and Technology