Link 16th Annual Science and Engineering Technology Conference
Posted 3/24/2015
Link NRL’s Astronomy in the Fast Lane: New System Watches for Things that Go Bump in the Night
Posted 3/12/2015
Link Army researchers design better protective gear
Posted 3/11/2015
Link Army’s new ‘extreme batteries’ research center taps local experts
Posted 3/10/2015
Link Communities of Interest: Collaborating on Technology Challenges
Posted March 2015
Link Innovation Group Showcases 3D Printing
Posted 2/13/2015
Link DoD Chief Engineer: We Want Your Help With 2030's Tech
Posted 2/11/2015
Link For Navy, Patent streak Continues
Posted 2/11/2015
Link Army Scientists Discover How to Predict Damage in Future Military Vehicles
Posted 2/11/2015
Link DoD 2016 Budget Release
Posted 2/1/2015
Link Air Force funds research for water purification
Posted 1/30/2015
Link Game On: Navy Virtual Trainer takes Serious Approach to Electronic Warfare
Posted 1/29/2015
Link Bio-Inspired Autonomous Vehicles Expand Navy Littoral Capabilities
Posted 1/29/2015
Link Army cyber defenders open source code in new GitHub project
Posted 1/28/2015
Link S&T Leaders at ONR’s Future Force Expo
Posted 1/21/2015
Link New Chief of Naval Research to unveil updated research strategy at February Expo
Posted 1/21/2015
Link DARPA Robotics Challenge: Upgrades Made to ATLAS Robot; Additional $1.5M in Prize Money
Posted 1/20/2015
Link Genetic Changes in Ebola Virus Could Impede Potential Treatments
Posted 1/20/2015
Link Army takes next Step to merge C2 intelligence traffic onto WIN-T
Posted 1/20/2015
Link Naval Future Force Science & Technology EXPO
Event February 4-6,2015
Link Army Game Studio Creates Virtual Training Environment for Soliders
Posted 1/9/2015
Link Sensors move Army closer to common environment
Posted 1/7/2015
Link NASA Confirms ICON Mission: NRL's MIGHTI Prepares for Flight
Posted 1/6/2015
Link AF researchers leverage SBIR/STTR funding to produce dynamic, cost-saving training technologies
Posted 12/19/2014
Link Breakthrough Capability Keeps Subs, Ships on Safe Track
Posted 12/16/2014
Link 450 scientists visit Army Research Lab 'Open Campus'
Posted 12/15/2014
Link DARPA Virtual Lab Advances DoD's Ability to Test Critical Microelectronics
Posted 12/10/2014
Link Historic Leap: Navy Shipboard Laser Operates in Persian Gulf
Posted 12/10/2014
Link Air Force funds more research on camera for airborne surveillance
Posted 12/9/2014
Link The Department’s Long-Range Research and Development Plan
Posted 12/3/2014
Link AF funds thermal management research
Posted 11/21/2014
Link NRL Scientists Discover Novel Metamaterial Properties within Hexagonal Boron Nitride
Posted 11/20/2014
Link NRL and Collaborators Conduct 100 Gigabit/Second Remote I/O Demonstration
Posted 11/19/2014
Link Defense Innovation Initiative Announced
Posted 11/16/2014
Link DARPA-Funded Inflatable Robotics Helps Spark Idea for Silver Screen Star
Posted 11/13/2014
Link AFRL 3-D audio research helps to make cockpit safer
Posted 11/7/2014
Link Army robotics researchers look far into the future
Posted 11/7/2014
Link Autonomy-enabled technology provides pathway to future
Posted 11/6/2014
Link Marines Dial Up Faster Logistics at Tech Demo
Posted 10/28/2014
Link DARPA Circuit Achieves World Record Speeds of 1 Trillion Cycles per Second
Posted 10/28/2014
Link NRL Video Game Could Help Dog Handlers Train for Detecting IEDs, Illegal Drugs
Posted 10/28/2014
Link Alan Shaffer in Phalanx Magazine: Sound Solutions Guided by M&S
Posted 10/8/2014
Link NRL's Airborne Box Brings Connectivity, Jamming to Troops in Remote Areas
Posted 10/8/2014
Link Better Buying Power 3.0 Launched
Posted 10/6/2014
Link Navy's Autonomous Swarmboats Can Overwhelm Adversaries
Posted 10/6/2014
Link NRL Scientists Discover "Out of this World" Particles
Posted 10/1/2014
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