Link Beyond GPS: Next-Generation Technologies for Positioning, Navigation & Timing
Posted 7/24/2014
Link Army Researchers Develop Cargo Pocket ISR
Posted 7/21/2014
Link DOD's International S&T Engagement Strategy
Posted 7/4/2014
Link Chemical-biological center builds additive manufacturing partnerships
Posted 7/17/2014
Link Work Commences on Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1) Designs
Posted 7/15/2014
Link Department of Defense Names New Class of National Security Science and Engineering Fellows
Posted 7/15/2014
Link EXACTO Demonstrates First-Ever Guided .50-Caliber Bullets
Posted 7/10/2014
Link ONR Tackles Data Science, Warfighter Performance
Posted 7/1/2014
Link Researchers Create Quantum Dots with Single-Atom Precision
Posted 6/29/2014
Link Prototyping: Increasing the Pace of Innovation
Posted 6/27/2014
Link Value Engineering Saved More than $5.5 billon in 2013
Posted 6/20/2014
Link Laser Weapon Being Readied for Marine Vehicles
Posted 6/11/2014
Link NRL is First to Image Cell Protein Secretions in Real-Time
Posted 6/11/2014
Link Air-to-ground Warfare Technology Adapted for Combatting Forest Fires
Posted 6/9/2014
Link DARPA Program Demonstrates Human Climbing Like Geckos
Posted 6/5/2014
Link DARPA Microsystems Office: Creating A New Electronics Revolution For National Defense
Posted 5/28/14
Link Department of Defense Announces Research Equipment Awards
Posted 5/27/14
Link Journey of Discovery Starts toward Understanding and Treating Networks of the Brain
Posted 5/27/14
Link Radio Interview with Mr. Shaffer on Research & Engineering Activities
Posted 5/13/14
Link ASD(R&E) Strategic Guidance May 2014
Posted 5/12/14
Link DARPA-Funded DEKA Arm System Earns FDA Approval
Posted 5/9/14
Link Study on Magnetic Compass Orientation in Birds Builds Case for Bio-Inspired Sensors
Posted 5/9/14
Link NRL Achieves 5,000th Patent Since Founding
Posted 5/5/14
Link Service Academies Innovation Challenge Showcases Practical, Potentially Transformative Technologies
Posted 5/5/14
Link NRL Researchers Develop Harder Ceramic for Armor Windows
Posted 4/29/14
Link A Navy Patent First: Award-winning Automation Goes Commercial
Posted 4/22/14
Link Alternative Energy Partnerships Flourish in Asia
Posted 4/22/14
Link President Honors Defense Department Scientists
Posted 4/18/14
Link DOD to Award $167 Million in Research Funding
Posted 4/14/14
Link ONR Investigates 'Spidey Sense' for Sailors & Marines
Posted 3/27/14
Link NRL Autonomy Lab Hosts Shipboard Fire Robotics Consortium
Posted 3/24/14
Link NRL Team Works with DTRA to Better Predict Deadly Diseases
Posted 3/13/14
Link ONR to Manage National Push for Lightweight Materials
Posted 3/13/14
Link The DARPA Grand Challenge: Ten Years Later
Posted 3/13/14
Link Excalibur Prototype Extends Reach of High-Energy Lasers
Posted 3/6/14
Link DoD Manufacturing Institutes highlight Army Efforts
Posted 3/5/14
Link Navy Transitions Global Ocean Forecast System for Public Use
Posted 3/5/14
Link DoD Releases Quadrennial Defense Review
Posted 3/4/14
Link NRL Demonstrates Remarkable Electrical Properties of Topological Insulators
Posted 2/24/14
Link A Roadmap to Efficient Green-Blue-Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diodes
Posted 2/19/14
Link ARES Aims to Provide More Front-line Units with Mission-tailored VTOL Capabilities
Posted 2/11/14
Link DARPA Begins Early Transition of Adaptive Vehicle Make Technologies
Posted 2/4/14
Link AT&L Magazine: R&E 2014, Concepts for Change
Posted Jan-Feb 2014
Link New Research on Ocean Conditions Will Aid Planners
Posted 1/30/14
Link NRL Researchers Create First Homoepitaxial Graphene Tunnel Barrier/Transport Channel Device
Posted 1/28/14
Link AFOSR Awards $15.5 Million in Research Grants
Posted 1/28/14
Link Barrier Technology to Boost Protection at Navy Ports
Posted 1/15/14

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