Defense Contingency Contracting Handbook


Welcome to the Defense Contingency Contracting (DCC) Handbook website. This website is designed to provide essential information, tools, and training for DoD Contingency Contracting Officers (CCOs) to meet the challenges they may face in a variety of missions and environments.

You can read the Handbook or browse the 1,000+ additional resources that are compiled here. View the Handbook brochure for a quick overview (PDF 3.6 MB).

This CCO Handbook is intended to help CCOs meet the needs of the personnel and organizations they support. However, it is by no means a stand-alone document and must be read together with the FAR, DFARS, and Operational Contract Support in Joint Operations (Joint Publication 4-10).



Using This Website

In addition to hosting the Handbook, this website contains more than 1,000 related resources, including checklists, trainings, role-based scenarios, guides, games, tools, policies, forms, templates, and links to other resources.

These resources are organized in two ways: by type of resource (e.g., training, checklists) and by topic (e.g., protests, ethics). For example, if you are looking for training related to Chapter 1 on ethics, click on the Training section and browse the trainings under Chapter 1. You can also click on the Topical Index section and click on the Ethics page.

For more information about how to use this website, read Appendix 1 of the Handbook.