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September 2012

  1. The 4th Edition of the Defense Contingency Contracting Handbook is released! This edition supercedes the 3rd Edition, relased in June 2010. The new Handbook was developed with support from across the Department of Defense, and reflects changes to policies, regulations, and best practices, and incorporates lessons learned from recent contingencies. Significant updates and new features include:
    1. More than seventy additional FAR, DFARS, and other policy references have been added. Updates to reflect current policy have been made throughout.
    2. Acquisition-related thresholds and dollar values have been updated.
    3. New material on Government Property, planning and Operational Contract Support (OCS), Time and Materials and Labor Hour contracts, redeployment and demobilization considerations, common systems and tools you may use, and much more
    4. Revised material on funding and appropriations law, the types of contingency operations, the Defense Base Act, the Synchronized Predeployment and Operational Tracker (SPOT), Contractors Authorized to Accompany the Force (CAAF), Field Ordering Officers, high-risk areas during a contingency, and much more.
    5. Several updated Figures and Tables
    6. Revised Website and DVD layouts
    7. Revised Chapter-based PowerPoint Briefings and Chapter-based Test Questions.
    8. Revised Appendices
    9. Revised system of linking the paragraphs in each chapter to the related Website and DVD materials. The 3rd Edition of the Handbook used a system of icons; the 4th Edition compiles the relevant materials into a single page at the end of each chapter.
    10. Additional web-only content regarding fraud, redeployment considerations, planning, and more.
    11. New podcast on using the Handbook, Website, and DVD.
    12. Updated copies of related Forms, Publications, Regulations, Trainings, and more.



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