DARS Directorate

Name Title Email Phone
Ms. Linda Neilson Deputy Director, DPAP/DARS and Director, DARC linda.w.neilson.civ@mail.mil 571.372.6113
Ms. Amy Williams Sr. Procurement Analyst /DARC Deputy Director amy.g.williams.civ@mail.mil 571.372.6106
Mr. Manuel Quinones Deputy for Regulatory Analysis and Management manuel.quinones.civ@mail.mil 571.372.6088
Mr. Mark Gomersall Sr. Procurement Analyst mark.r.gomersall.civ@mail.mil 571.372.6099
Ms. Marylee Renna Sr. Procurement Analyst marylee.renna.civ@mail.mil 571.372.6095
Mr. Dustin Pitsch Sr. Procurement Analyst dustin.n.pitsch.civ@mail.mil 571.372.6090
Ms. Janetta Brewer Sr. Procurement Analyst janetta.l.brewer.civ@mail.mil 571.372.6104
Ms. Veronica Fallon Sr. Procurement Analyst veronica.a.fallon.civ@mail.mil 571.372.6098
Ms. Jennifer Hawes Sr. Procurement Analyst jennifer.l.hawes2.civ@mail.mil 571.372.6115
Ms. Deborah Grinkley Executive Assistant deborah.m.grinkley.civ@mail.mil 571.372.6180
Ms. Jennifer Johnson AEP jennifer.d.johnson1.civ@mail.mil 571.372.6100
Ms. Tresa Sullivan AEP tresa.m.sullivan.civ@mail.mil 571.372.6089
Ms. Julie Hammond AEP julie.a.hammond.civ@mail.mil 571.372.6174
Ms. Diayna Bennett FOIA Officer diayna.n.bennett.ctr@mail.mil 571.372.6109
Ms. Liz Liberman DARC Operational Support elizabeth.j.liberman.ctr@mail.mil 571.372.6097
Mr. Victor Ayzenberg IT Project Lead victor.ayzenberg.ctr@mail.mil 571.372.6181
Ms. Emnet Befekadu Web Content Manager emnet.befekadu.ctr@mail.mil 571.372.6178
Mr. Gregory Hargrove Administrative Assistant gregory.d.hargrove.ctr@mail.mil 571.372.6108
Ms. Mary Overstreet Visiting Researcher mary.e.overstreet.ctr@mail.mil 571.372.6119

Organizational Chart

* = Contractor

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