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(Revised March 11, 2014)


(See DFARS 201.6, DFARS/PGI view)


PGI 201.602  Contracting officers.


PGI 201.602-2  Responsibilities.


      (i)  When designating Department of State personnel as a contracting officer’s representative (COR for contracts executed by DoD in support of Department of State in Iraq), follow the procedures in the Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy memorandum dated July 11, 2011, Contracting Officer’s Representative Designation—Iraq.


      (ii)  DoD COR certification standards define minimum COR competencies, experience, and training requirements according to the nature and complexity of the requirement and contract performance risk. These COR certification standards should be considered when developing service requirements, soliciting proposals, and performing surveillance during contract performance. The DoD standards are provided in the OUSD (AT&L) memorandum dated March 29, 2010, DoD Standard for Certification of Contracting Officer’s Representatives (COR) for Service Acquisitions.


      (iii)  DoD agencies and components shall use the DoD Contracting Officer Representative Tracking Tool to electronically track COR nominations, appointments, terminations, and training certifications for service contracts. Further guidance on using this tool is provided in OUSD (AT&L) memorandum dated March 21, 2011, Deployment of the Department of Defense (DoD) Contracting Officer Representative Tracking tool (CORT Tool) and OUSD(AT&L) memorandum, dated February 10, 2014, Update to the Department of Defense Contracting Officer Representative Tracking Tool.


      (iv)  A COR assists in the technical monitoring or administration of a contract.


              (A)  Contracting officers shall designate a COR for all service contracts, including both firm fixed price and other than firm fixed price contracts, awarded by a DoD component or by any other Federal agency on behalf of DoD. The surveillance activities performed by CORs should be tailored to the dollar value/complexity of the specific contract for which they are designated. Contracting officers may exempt service contracts from this requirement when the following three conditions are met:


                      (1)  The contract will be awarded using simplified acquisition procedures;


                      (2)  The requirement is not complex; and


                      (3)  The contracting officer documents the file, in writing, why the appointment of a COR is unnecessary.


              (B)  For other than service contracts that are cost reimbursement contracts, contracting officers shall either retain or delegate surveillance activities to a COR or DCMA.


              (C)  The contracting officer shall include a copy of the written designation required by DFARS 201.602-2(2)(v) in the official contract file.


      (v)  In addition to the requirements of DFARS 201.602-2(2), a COR must maintain a file for each contract assigned. This file must include, as a minimum—


              (A)  A copy of the contracting officer's letter of designation and other documentation describing the COR's duties and responsibilities; and


              (B)  Documentation of actions taken in accordance with the delegation of authority.