Special Instructions for Contracting in Afghanistan

Contingency Procurement Authorities:

Purpose: To provide contracting officers preparing contracts with performance or delivery in Afghanistan, with clear instructions and resource links on how to prepare for Theater Business Clearance (TBC) and Contract Administration (CA) assignment.

Applicability: For applicability, see PGI 225.7402-4 Contract clauses at http://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/dars/pgi/pgi_htm/PGI225_74.htm.


Step #1 - Define requirements and prepare pre-solicitation documentation using FAR, DFARS, and Agency procurement instructions

Step #2 - View All the attached TBC and CA Assignment documents and instructions

Step #3 - Complete the latest version of the TBC Request Form and Review Checklist

Step #4 - Read and insert clause language from the latest version of the Contracting Officer's (COs) Guide to Special Contract Requirements for Afghanistan Theater Business Clearance

    Step #5 - Email the TBC Request Form, Statement of Work, and entire Terms an Conditions for the proposed contract, to the following address:

Step #6 - Receive clearance and proceed on with the acquisition plan

Step #7 - Assign Contract Administration upon contract award at the email addresses listed above following the instructions contained herein

For additional information and clarification regarding contracting instructions for Afghanistan, please contact Captain Steven Howard, USCENTCOM J4-Contracting at, howardsl@centcom.mil; commercial phone: 813-827-6420; DSN: 312-651-6420, or Mr. Bill Reich, OSD/DPAP at William.Reich@osd.mil commercial: 571-256-7009.

Additional reference materials are found on the DPAPSS website at: http://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/index.html

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Key Links Supporting OEF:

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OEF Authority / Class Deviations

Date Signed Signed by Title
24-Nov-14 DPAP CC Contracting and Contractor Related Guidance and Information for Afghanistan
4-Apr-14 DPAP Class Deviation-Authority to Acquire Products and Services Produced in Countries Along a Major Route of Supply to Afghanistan or in Afghanistan
28-Oct-13 DPAP Theater Business Clearance Update for the USCENTCOM AOR
13-Jun-13 DPAP Theater Business Clearance Update for USCENTCOM Area of Responsibility
22-Apr-13 DPAP Amplifying Guidance on Contractor Taxation - Performance in Afghanistan
26-Feb-13 DPAP Theater Business Clearance Update for the USCENTCOM Area of Responsibility
26-Feb-13 DPAP Contract Coordination Update for the USCENTCOM Area of Responsibility [FOUO, CAC-enabled]
05-Sep-12 USD (AT&L) Procurement of Products, Services, and Construction Materials from the Central Asian States in Support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM
27-Jul-12 DPAP Theater Business Clearance/Contract Administration Delegation Update - Integration of TBC with the Joint Contingency Contracting System Platform
23-Jul-12 DPAP Theater Business Clearance/Contract Administration Delegation (TBC/CAD) Non-Compliance in Afghanistan
26-Apr-12 DPAP Life Support for Third Party Contractors in Afghanistan
17-Feb-12 DPAP Contingency Competition Goals and Competition Reviews of Certain Omnibus Contracts
29-Jun-10 DPAP Theater Business Clearance/Contract Administration Delegation (TBC/CAD) Update
12-Feb-10 DPAP GAO Review of Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan, Section 863, NDAA 2008 (GAO Code 120874)
15-Jul-09 DPAP Class Deviation for DFARS to Implement D&Fs Regarding Foreign Participation in DoD Acquisition in Support of Operations in Afghanistan
12-Feb-09 DPAP Class Deviation - Authority to Make Determinations with Regard to Acquisition of Products and Services, Other than Small Arms, Produced in Iraq and Afghanistan
20-Dec-07 DPAP Retroactive Iraq/Afghanistan Contract Compliance and Assignment of Contract Administration
26-Nov-07 DPAP Iraq/Afghanistan Theater Business Clearance
25-Oct-07 DPAP Amplifying Guidance Regarding Procedures for Contracting, Contract Concurrence and Contract Oversight for Iraq and Afghanistan
6-Mar-07 JCC-I/A Consistent Application of Theater Contracting Policies in Iraq and Afghanistan
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