IUID Registry Data

Wide Area Workflow is a paperless contracting environment. It enables contractors to transmit shipping notices electronically and DoD to perform both receipt and acceptance electronically. The WAWF can be accessed from: https://wawf.eb.mil.

The WAWF practice site is found here: http://www.wawftraining.com/.

IUID Registry

To access the IUID Registry website, please use the following link:  https://iuid.logisticsinformationservice.dla.mil

IUID Registry Advanced Notification of Version Termination

The IUID Registry Software Versions 3.0, 3.0.1, and 3.4 will be discontinued on December 31, 2010. For more information please click here.

IUID Registry Test Site

Organizations that wish to explore the functionality of the IUID Web Entry site in a non-production environment may access the IUID Registry test site found at https://practiceiuid.logisticsinformationservice.dla.mil. Registration is required in order to access the full functionality of the IUID Registry test site.

Data Submission Information

  1. Purpose
  2. Who is responsible for submitting IUID data?
  3. What data is required for initial submission of items to the IUID Registry?
  4. How do I provide embedded UID information on new procurements?
  5. When is submission of data to the IUID Registry required?
  6. How do I submit IUID data via WAWF?
  7. I submit Invoices and Material Inspection and Receiving Reports via WAWF for repaired items but they reject at the IUID Registry, what can I do?
  8. How do I submit IUID data directly without utilizing WAWF?
  9. Can I have an IUID Registry direct submission file format validated before using it in the production environment?
  10. For the direct submission methods, will there be any status files returned that would need to be processed?
  11. What do I do if I am using a prior version of the XML schema?
  12. How do I modify data that has already been sent to the Registry?
  13. What is the requirement for updating item data in the Registry?
  14. Since the allowable values for the 'Mark Contents' field are standardized, how do I report marks that are not on the list of acceptable values?
  15. Can I write software or use an API to query the IUID Registry?
  16. Who can I contact for more information?
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