Services Acquisition


The Services Acquisition Directorate is responsible for developing, implementing, governing and executing the acquisition oversight framework of services, and for the championing of strategic sourcing policy and initiatives, for the Department of Defense (DOD). Services acquisitions have accounted for more than half of all DOD contracting dollars spent in support of the Warfighter in recent years. Services Acquisition is responsible to ensure the proper process execution of services procurement results in the best value at the most reasonable cost.

A relatively new organization, Services Acquisition (DPAP/SA) is tasked to improve the tradecraft in the acquisition of services. Contracted services continue to represent over 50 percent of the Department of Defense’s total contract spending. As much of the spend is executed in smaller contracts, the DoD wishes to improve its oversight capabilities, develop an expert understanding of where services dollars are spent, and use the knowledge of services tradecraft to make strategic decisions about how to most efficiently meet the needs of the Warfighter. Better Buying Power 2.0, tasked DPAP/SA to:

  • Coordinate improvements with Military Department and 4th Estate senior managers for acquisition of services
  • Measure productivity using the DoD services taxonomy
  • Improve requirements definition/prevent requirements creep
  • Increase effective use of market research
  • Strengthen contract management outside the normal acquisition chain – installations, etc.
  • Expand use of requirements review boards and tripwires

DPAP/SA Objectives

  • Enable and foster a Culture of Strategic Decision-Making with respect to acquisition of services
  • Establish and manage a process for identifying, assessing, reviewing, and validating requirements for the acquisition of services
  • Establish and execute oversight within a management framework for translating approved services requirements into stable, affordable, and well-managed programs.
  • Establish and provide visibility into, direction, guidance and support for service acquisition programs.
  • Provide the tools, support and oversight to ensure contracted services best achieve cost, schedule, and performance objectives.

Historical Background

This section documents the DoD policies and instructions pertaining to the acquisition of services from the first policy issued May 31, 2002 to the present.

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