Our world-class team of professionals is focused on improving DT&E planning and execution, building the professional workforce, maintaining state-of-the-art T&E facilities, and providing data-driven support to the DoD Components. The DT&E team is dedicated to improving acquisition outcomes and advocacy of the T&E Workforce. We accomplish this through program engagement, across the warfighting domains to assist program and test managers in developing efficient and executable test strategies; and by ensuring the Department recruits and retains a skilled T&E workforce supported by professional education, training, and certification. The TRMC team is dedicated to ensuring the Components have the right T&E Infrastructure to accomplish the T&E mission. We accomplish this through the:

  • Central T&E Investment Program
  • T&E Science and Technology Program
  • Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC) Program

These program offices support the needs and solutions process to ensure the DoD T&E community has the right set of capabilities for the future; and through the T&E Range Oversight Division which supports the specific infrastructure needs of the Components and range users. Ultimately, this combined DT&E/TRMC team ensures our decision makers have the right information, at the right time, to make improved acquisition decisions. TRMC is congressionally directed to perform oversight of the Major Range and Test Facility Base (MRTFB), our Nation's critical test and evaluation T&E assets.  To learn more about the MRTFB visit the video link below.

DT&E and TRMC are here to support acquisition organizations and the T&E community. For more information please browse through the site, or contact us directly at the information provided.

Dr. J. Brian Hall
Dr. J. Brian Hall
Acting DASD(DT&E)
Mr. G. Derrick Hinton
Mr. G. Derrick Hinton
Acting Director, TRMC

MRTFB Video Link
Click the image to learn more about the MRTFB.

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