Board Business

Board Meeting Information
  1. Next Board Meeting: 204th AFPMB Board Meeting 20-24 March 2017 -- Committee agendas and committee docs will be posted to the DTIC workspaces
  2. Register for the 204th Board Meeting
  3. Agenda for the 204th Board Meeting
  4. Director's Update Brief - Sept 2016 (CAC access only)
  5. Directions to AFPMB
AFPMB Business - CAC Protected Content
  1. Key Leadership Roster
  2. Memorandums of Understanding/Agreement (MOUs/MOAs)
  3. Past Board Meeting & Executive Council Minutes
  4. Policies and Procedures
Committee Workspaces - CAC Protected Content

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The committee workspaces are hosted on DTIC's DoDTechSpace service. In order to access the workspaces below you will need a DTIC account. Once you have registered for an account, contact your ex officio for access.

  1. Council and Directorate
  2. Contingency Advisory/Quarantine
  3. Education and Training/Information Management
  4. Equipment
  5. Medical Entomology
  6. Natural Resources/Real Property
  7. Repellents/Pesticides
  8. Research
  9. Vector Pathogen and Detection
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