Deployed War-Fighter Protection (DWFP) Program


The Deployed War-Fighter Protection research program (DWFP) is an initiative to develop and validate novel methods to protect United States Military deployed abroad from threats posed by disease-carrying insects. Starting in 2004 and administered by the Armed Forces Pest Management Board, the program is funded at $5M per year. The DWFP research portfolio is concentrated in 3 specific areas: novel insecticide chemistries/ formulations, application technology and personal protective systems. Program consists of a noncompetitive funding process for USDA ARS-based research, and a competitive grants process open to non-USDA scientists (PIs from academia, industry, and military entomologists). Up to $3M per year is provided to the USDA ARS, specifically to National Program 104, dealing with veterinary, medical and urban entomology. The ultimate objective is to find industry partners and get useful products into the market/military stock system.

DWFP Information
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  2. Competitive Grants Awards 2004 - 2016
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