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CWP leverages U.S. and foreign investments to conduct cooperative research and development projects with foreign partners.  Program supports Department's goals of:

  • Collaboratively addressing strategic technology gaps for current and future missions
  • Developing interoperability solutions for coalition operations
  • Strengthening current defense partnerships and developing new relationships

CWP provides seed funding to DoD organizations that conduct cooperative research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) projects with foreign partners.  It is the only Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) program dedicated to initiating cooperative RDT&E projects with allies and coalition partners. Specific details on the program and the process are in the CWP management plan.

CWP Requirements

  • DoD and foreign government Project Teams committed to contribute resources and execute the project
  • Clearly-defined project plans supporting legitimate use of RDT&E funding
  • Reasonable CWP funding request (no more than 50%) to make up part of the U.S. contribution to the project
  • Respond to a DoD priority need
  • Acceptable transition plan for project deliverable(s)

Project Submissions

CWP accepts submissions from DoD Agencies, Services, COCOMs, or OSD staff.  CWP cannot accept nominations directly from industry or from a foreign organization.

CWP operates on an annual cycle beginning with outreach in the summer – it does not have a rolling start process.   Download the Nomination Tutorial and FY15 Templates for deadlines and for help in completing the required submission package. 

Deadlines Note: Services—and certain COCOMs and Agencies—have early internal deadlines for submitting CWP nominations prior to the CWP official deadlines.  Contact the CWP POCs for more information.

  • Pre-submission worksheets: Annex A (Initial Planning) is provided to see if the project is a good candidate for CWP, and also work with the Service/Agency/COCOM CWP POC to lay out plan before completing the submission package. Annex B (Resources and Schedule) can also be used as a pre-submission worksheet.
  • CWP Submission Package: must include Annex B (Resources and Schedule), Annex C (Nomination) and Annex D (Quad Chart).

Regardless of other organizations’ deadlines, CWP nominations for the FY15 cycle must be received in the CWP Inbox by the January 16, 2014 deadline.  Completed project packages should be emailed to: Coalition Warfare Program.


The CWP Team is happy to help you with your submissions and project executions, as are the CWP POCs within the Service and Agencies.  The CWP Team can be reached by email at Coalition Warfare Program.

Nominations: Review the template instructions and the Nomination Tutorial. Throughout the process, the CWP Team will help you refine the proposal, and work through specific issues or questions, including coordination with Combatant Commands for advocacy for your proposal. 

Project Execution: The FAQs are designed to answer most execution questions, or contact the CWP Team for assistance.



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