CWP leverages U.S. and foreign investments to conduct cooperative research and development projects with foreign partners.  Program supports Department's goals of:
  • Collaboratively addressing strategic technology gaps for current and future missions

  • Developing interoperability solutions for coalition operations

  • Strengthening current defense partnerships and developing new relationships

CWP provides seed funding to DoD organizations that conduct cooperative research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) projects with foreign partners that meet DoD strategic goals.  It is the only Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) program dedicated to initiating cooperative RDT&E projects with allies and coalition partners. Specific details on the program and the process are in the CWP Management Plan.


The CWP office conducts an annual competition for CWP funding. CWP operates on an annual cycle beginning with outreach in the spring/summer – it does not have a rolling start process.   CWP will accept submissions only from DoD Agencies, Services, COCOMs, or OSD staff; and cannot accept nominations directly from industry or foreign organization.


A nomination package consists of Annexes A (Quad Chart), B (Nomination Form)and C (Resource Plan). Throughout the process, the CWP Team and organizational leads for CWP will help you refine the proposal, and work through specific issues or questions, including coordination with Combatant Commands for advocacy for your proposal.  It is never too early to begin planning. Check within your Service or Agency's international cooperation organization for any additional internal submission or review dates for the next candidate cycle. Deadlines will also be updated here when the FY18 cycle has begun.

Chart shows the timeline for CWP due dates. Annex A is due on Oct 3, 2016, and full nomination is due on February 16, 2017.  Internal Service Due Dates May be imposed.  Review occurs February through April, and includes a


CWP Deadlines for FY18 CWP Nominations

  • October 3, 2016 - Annex A (Quad Chart) Due to CWP Office by 5PM Eastern


  • February 16, 2017 - Full Nomination (Annexes A, B and C) Due to CWP Office by 5PM Eastern
    • Service pre-submission dates:
      • Army Proposals: Full Nominations due to DASA(DE&C) no later than February 1, 2017
      • Navy Proposals: Due to Navy IPO no later than February 2, 2017
      • Air Force Proposals: Due to SAF/IAPC no later than November 22, 2016


  • Strong project management: CWP only accepts project nominations from DoD organizations.  CWP Project Teams must properly execute, manage, and report on the selected CWP projects.  Successful projects have achievable goals, reasonable funding requests, and executable transition plans. The legal vehicles (e.g., required international agreements, licenses, security, etc) and other requirements (e.g., foreign disclosure approvals, etc) must be achievable.
  • Sound foreign partnership: CWP projects are collaborative efforts with foreign partners’ defense organizations.  The foreign partner(s) must have a demonstrable engagement in the RDT&E work, to include committing resources to the effort.  
  • Substantive RDT&E content: CWP, as an RDT&E program element, mandates that funding be used to execute research, development, test and evaluation projects.  CWP projects can come from across the RDT&E spectrum, but must conform to the rules for RDT&E funding.    
  • Warfighter emphasis: CWP selects projects that have the support of the CCMDs and that provide them the capabilities and coalition enablers they require to be successful in their missions and operations.  Projects may support the full-range of DoD operations.  CWP reviews project submissions against strategic DoD guidance documents and initiatives, such as the National Security Strategy, the National Military Strategy, the Quadrennial Defense Review, the Better Buying Power initiatives, etc.
  • Sound resource planning: CWP funding should be requested for U.S. activities within a project.  Selected projects will receive one to three years of funding—up to a maximum of $2 million.  The maximum project length is 3 years.  The request for CWP funding should be a fraction of the cost of the whole project and should be matched or exceeded by the other U.S. resources.  An organization’s commitment to a project is weighed by the financial contributions that are directly applied to the RDT&E effort in the project.  Projects should also show equitable cost sharing between the total U.S. (CWP and other U.S. contributions) and the foreign partners.  Projects requesting the maximum CWP funding must demonstrate responsiveness to critical DoD needs.
  • Tangible outcomes: CWP projects result in tangible deliverables ready for the next phase of maturation or enter into the processes for fielding.  Highly attractive projects develop and demonstrate solutions with well-developed transition paths that will enable technology to reach warfighters within two to three years after conclusion of the CWP project. 
  • Transition plan: Transitioning a CWP project involves maturing the technology to the next phase of development, testing, or final fielding.  CWP nominations must have an identified transition plan with written support from the appropriate transition manager(s) showing commitment to the effort after the CWP project is completed.


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