Given the urgency of the wars we are in, the daunting global security environment we will inhabit for decades to come, and our country's economic problems, we simply cannot afford to move ahead with business as usual.

—Secretary of Defense Robert Gates

Business Enterprise Integration Directorate

Welcome to the I&E Business Enterprise Integration (BEI) web pages (formerly Business Transformation Directorate). These pages are intended to provide direct communication from our office to members and stakeholders of the I&E Community across DoD.

The I&E Business Enterprise Integration Directorate was established in May of 2003 to:

Vision, Mission and Goals


An I&E Community that provides timely, accurate, and reliable information within I&E and to the warfighter and DoD business enterprise.


Support both the I&E and DoD-wide information needs for installations management, energy management, environmental management, safety and occupational health.


Key Programs

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