Seabees from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 1 drilled three 800- to 1,000-foot holes in the area to assist the U.S. Navy Geothermal Program Office in their research of local geothermal energy potential.

Renewable Energy

DoD Renewable Energy Trend

Graph of DoD Renewable Energy Progress as described below. Click for larger view.

As of the end of 2005, renewable energy accounted for 8.3% of all electricity
used by US military installations. The long term goal is 25% by 2005.

DoD Renewable Energy Assessment

In 2002, funding was set aside by Congress to assess the renewable energy potential of U.S. military installations. The Department of Defense (DoD) created a Renewable Energy Assessment Team to explore solar, wind and geothermal energy resources at military installations.

Led by the U.S. Air Force, the team conducted on-site assessments at military bases in the Continental United States. The completed reports summarize the wind, solar, and geothermal resources identified at installations and surrounding regions (within ~100 miles).

Additionally, the team made recommendations on how to economically purchase renewable energy and encourage the growth of on-site energy development at select military bases. They have reviewed established and new technologies for collecting, storing and transmitting renewable power.

Finally, the team defined the benefits and drawbacks of developing renewable resources, including reports on the efficiency, reliability, and vulnerability of the installation's energy systems and regional cost/reliability impacts.

DoD Renewable Energy: