America's military installations, including their associated environment, have many purposes. They must sustain the regular forward and home station presence of U.S. forces as well as provide support in training and deployment to meet the Nation's need in periods of crisis, contingency, and combat.

Facility Program Requirements Suite

FPRS: Facility Program Requirements Suite



The Facility Program Requirements Suite is no longer being maintained and has been taken offline. To access the information that was previously available on FPRS, you will need a new account on the platform we will be using going forward - Data Analytics and Integration Support DAIS). This new application will ultimately provide even more real property data than what was previously available. DAIS replaced the Real Property Registry some time ago, and you may have already established a DAIS account; if so, please use that account to access the FPRS data that has moved to that site. Like FPRS, DAIS will require a valid CAC for an account, contractors will be required to have a government sponsor authorize their account, and it must be accessed from a .mil network. Please apply for an account on DAIS if you do not already have one by sending an email to to receive the detailed instructions how to apply for an account.