America's military installations, including their associated environment, have many purposes. They must sustain the regular forward and home station presence of U.S. forces as well as provide support in training and deployment to meet the Nation's need in periods of crisis, contingency, and combat.

Facility Program Requirements Suite

FPRS: Facility Program Requirements Suite

Facility Program Requirements Suite (FPRS) will allow OSD analysts and other approved users outside OSD access to various models, databases or annual reports. This application will allow access to important facilities data directly from desktop computers. New accounts must be approved by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment for individuals with a need for this type of information on a regular basis. Accounts must be regularly accessed to remain active.

The models, databases or annual reports that are available through this application are:

Information is available in report format, MS Excel worksheets or limited database downloads. To utilize all of the features of the site, users need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader and MS Excel installed on their PCs.

New users may submit a request for an account by following the User Registration link below. Please note that having a CAC or External Certificate Authority (ECA) is required prior to register for FPRS accounts.

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Notes: CAC/PKI Implementation

In accordance with the JTF-GNO Communication Task Order (CTO) 06-02, DoD is required to accelerate implementation of the CAC/PKI program (providing secure authentication and encryption capability). As a result, a CAC card or an external authentication certificate is required to access FPRS. For all government employees and direct support contractors, FPRS access is required the use of a current CAC card with a valid PIN/email address stored on the card and a CAC reader configured for your computer.

For any non-DoD FPRS users, who are not authorized a CAC card, connectivity can be secured by using the External Certificate Authority (ECA) Program.

CAC Registration Instructions for FPRS Users

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