The OCS Common Operating Picture (COP) will provide Commanders with improved ability to make informed decisions based on timely visibility of OCS capabilities using common, authoritative data and information. The OCS COP will allow commanders to consume OCS information at the same time and in conjunction with other operations, logistics, and intelligence information, thereby enabling more effective integration of OCS into operations. The availability of authoritative data and information in this format will facilitate planning and sourcing of OCS solutions to meet operational requirements, aid in the development of theater acquisition strategies/plans, and support determination of the viability and benefit of using OCS to meet operational requirements.


The OCS COP will be deployed in iterative cycles of capability according to the priorities of the CCMDs and will be accessible on both NIPR and SIPR environments. Capability requirements and data/information sources to be integrated to the OCS COP are gathered and prioritized on behalf of the OCS community of interest by the OCS COP Advisory Board. The Advisory Board, which was established in 2014 by the OCS Functional Capabilities Integration Board (FCIB), consists of representatives from each of the CCMDs and relevant Combat Support Agencies and is co-Chaired by ODASD-Program Support and the Joint Staff-J4 OCS Support Division.

Current Development

In early FY2016, the Advisory Board voted to deliver four initial capabilities based on the priorities and needs specified by the CCMDs: Location, Emerging Requirements, Contractor Management and Awarded Procurements. These four capabilities are currently scheduled for release in FY17.

COP Current Development Image

COP Current Development Label No 1 The Locations capability is a background process that works with all the OCS "apps" and the map to establish the Joint Operational Area (JOA) by providing common business and display rules for location data from business systems.
COP Current Development Label No 2 The Emergent Requirements widget or "app" will provide visibility of requirements and status across the AOR. It allows users to query and analyze requirements with significant mission impact and ensure supportability and improve coordination of sourcing. The primary data source for the Emergent Requirements "app" is the Contingency Acquisition Support Module (cASM).
COP Current Development Label No 3 The In-theater Contractor Management widget or "app" will provide visibility of the number and type of contractor (CTR) personnel deployed across the Area of Responsibility (AOR). It allows users to evaluate the impact of CTR personnel on authorized government services (i.e., food, lodging) and is intended to improve planning factors. The data source for the Contractor Management "app" is the Synchronized Pre-deployment and Operational Tracker - Enterprise System (SPOT-ES).
COP Current Development Label No 4 The Awarded Procurement widget or “app” will provide visibility of DoD and other US Government contract spending in the AOR. It allows users to query and summarize contract activity in a variety of ways to evaluate the impact of contract spend on budget factors and improve overall visibility and planning for contracted capabilities in the AOR. The data source for the Awarded Procurements "app" is the Federal Procurement Data System - Next Generation (FPDS-NG) via the All of Government Contract Spend (AGCS) reporting tool.

To learn more about the OCS COP app development roadmap, source systems to be added in the future, and timeline visit the OCS Extranet Page [CAC and .mil email address required]

Questions and Comments

To submit questions and comments regarding the OCS Common Operating Picture, email osd.pentagon.ousd-atl.mbx.ocs-COPs@mail.mil

Advisory Board Members, access the Advisory Board page [CAC and .mil email address required]

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