Mission Statement

The principal missions of the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Maintenance Policy and Programs (DASD(MPP)) are to:
- Serve as the principal advisor for policies and procedures for maintenance support of major weapon systems and military equipment.
- Provide the functional expertise for centralized maintenance policy and management oversight for all weapon systems and military equipment maintenance programs and related resources within the Department of Defense.
- Establish and maintain maintenance policies and programs that are managerially and technologically sound and adequately resourced to maintain the desired levels of weapon systems and military equipment readiness to accomplish the Department's missions.

Maintenance Policy and Programs functions also include:

- Promoting Congressional understanding of DoD maintenance; requirements and programs.
- Responding to provisions of law and executive direction relating to weapon systems and military equipment maintenance by converting these requirements into coherent, effective policies and programs.
- Providing strong leadership for the execution of maintenance programs by the Military Services and Defense Agencies.
- Directing focused studies of new technologies and management approaches that offer significant potential to improve the productivity and effectiveness of DoD maintenance activities.

NOTE: This Web site serves as a repository for selected DoD maintenance information and data. Included are policy documents, plans and reports, historical trends and projections, public and private sector workload information, and links to defense and contractor Web sites.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Maintenance Policy & Programs

LMR ASD SealMr. Kenneth D. Watson

Mr. Kenneth D. Watson, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Maintenance. In this position, he is responsible for oversight of the Department’s annual $80 billion maintenance program.


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