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Financial Management 

  • Advises ASD(L&MR) and staff on all issues pertaining to budget formulation, presentation, and execution relating to resource and financial management.  Provides leadership, interface and support in the following budget areas:
    • OSD(A&T)ARA
    • DoD(Comptroller) 
    • OSD(PA&E)
    • OSD WHS, Defense Agencies and Mil Dep financial management offices
    • Internal Management Reviews
    • Major Budget Issues Development
    • Reclamas/Issue Papers
    • Congressional Inquiries (HAC/SAC Responses)

PPBES Analysis The Planning, Programming Budgeting and Execution System Analysis

Initiates, reviews and coordinates major activities throughout three PPBES Phases:

    Phase I — Program Change Proposal Submission and Disposition

    Phase II — Issue Development

    Phase III — Program Review Decisions
Budget Analysis 
    Cost Analysis
      Provide, assist or lead in cost analysis services:
    Procurement Analysis
      Serves as Contracting Officer Representative (COR) selected ASD(L&MR) contracts that require:
      • Statement of Work (SOW) Development and Review
      • Contractor's Performance Measurement Analysis
      • Contract Monitoring
      • Progress Payments Analysis
    Program Funding Request Activities
      Initiates funding vehicles:
      • Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPRs)
      • Purchase Requests (PRs)
      • Interagency Agreements (IAs)

Website Development 

ASD(L&MR) OPR and Webmaster; provides analysis and support of information  and information systems relating to:

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