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Welcome to Supply Chain Integration (SCI)

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Supply Chain Integration (DASD(SCI)), serves as the most senior level executive responsible in the development and direction of the Defense wide Supply Chain Integration functions. In this role, the DASD(SCI):

  • Serves as the Executive Secretary for Joint Logistics Board (JLB)
  • Chairs the Supply Chain Executive Steering Committee (SCESC) consisting of Flag-level representatives from the Joint Staff, the Military Departments, the Defense Agencies and the Combatant Commands
  • Co-chairs the Logistics Functional Capabilities Board (FCB)
  • Represents L&MR on AT&L Investment Review Board (IRB) for Weapons Systems Lifecycle Management and Material Supply and Service Management
  • Represents L&MR in the MAIS process and other similar activities
  • Leads the International Logistics Cooperation partnerships with Australia, Canada, France, Russia, Singapore, and United Kingdom


  • Establish strategic supply chain governance and reporting
  • In partnership with industry oversee integration of end-to-end global logistics and supply chain performance


  • Establish and maintain actionable policies that deliver efficient, sustainable, cost-effective end-to-end supply chain performance
  • Establish integrated solutions for inventory management that are managerially and technically sound and adequately resourced to provide desired levels of readiness to support the warfighter