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Readiness Based Sparing (RBS)
Readiness Based Sparing (RBS) is the practice of using advanced analytics to set spares levels and locations to maximize system readiness. RBS has been part of Department practice since the 1960’s, when it was used to optimize aircraft availability, and is incorporated into DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Regulation (DoD 4140.1-R) as the preferred method for calculating inventory levels. The Services and DLA have agreed to work together to implement Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) based RBS models.


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bullet RBS Reference Documents
bullet RBS Project Proposal Process
bullet Current RBS Projects

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RBS Reference Documents

Executive Overview — (19 August 2008) PowerPoint presentation

The RBS Roadmap (24-page document, 5 August 2008) — The DoD Readiness Sparing Roadmap is an evolving document describing the DoD vision for achieving an individualized, interoperable RBS environment across DoD, with sharing of data to support improved requirements and inventory levels.

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RBS Working Group — (2 August 2005)
The RBS Working Group was established by the Supply Chain Capabilities Group to share knowledge and research about RBS; share progress and lessons learned from RBS efforts’ define interoperability; and to implement a DoD-wide approach for managing and collaborating on sparing requirements for common items. This group meets quarterly to foster the exchange of ideas and to collaborate on cross-DoD RBS efforts. For a list of working group members, click here.

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RBS Project Proposal Process

As each of the Services and DLA advance their efforts towards achieving the benefits of an individualized yet interoperable RBS environment across DoD, SCI will provide research and development funding for those projects which align with the overall program objectives and goals. The process for project submission and evaluation is depicted in this process flow. RBS_project_process

RBS Project Portfolio

The following RBS projects have been supported by SCI:

The Air Force is exploring capabilities and applicability of Click Commerce’s Advanced Inventory Optimization (AIO), which is the RBS logic embedded in the USAF ERP solution. To drive greater joint requirements planning, they are developing a “Meta-model” concept to support coordinated inventory management for common items and analyzing potential benefits.

The Army has evaluated MCA Solutions’ Service Planning and Optimization (SPO) software, comparing the results of its RBS calculations to the results of their existing legacy software tool, Selected Essential Item Stock for Availability Method (SESAME).

The Navy is integrating MCA Solutions’ Supply Parts Optimizer (SPO) into a spares requirement determination process for aviation (next phase expands to maritime). They are also working to develop collaborative multi-indenture, multi-echelon (MIME) RBS process between DLA and Navy, which can be repeated for other Services.

DLA has been developing a solution to optimize inventory levels to support retail initiatives. They are utilizing JDA’s Inventory Policy Optimization solution to replace legacy computation models, which calculated safety stock at the wholesale item level and could not be used for planning retail levels.

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