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MIL-STD-100G (Engineering Drawing Practices) and MIL-DTL-31000A (Technical Data Packages) were released 9 June 1997. The corresponding Data Item Descriptions have also been released.

To compensate for the problem with the supporting non-Government standards (NGSs), a paragraph has been placed in the documents for information. Following is the wording in MIL-DTL-31000A (similar words are in MIL-STD-100).

6.4.4 Reference to non-Government standards (NGSs). Very broad areas of the subject matter of MIL-STD-100 have been replaced by or incorporated into NGSs. Every effort was made to harmonize the technical content and availability of the applicable NGSs to the requirements of the various technical data package elements obtainable through MIL-DTL-31000A. However, users of this specification, especially during the earliest stages of initial issue, may find that some needed NGSs are not available or fail to support basic document preparation requirements. In order to overcome this condition the user should be prepared to detail the needed documentation practice directly in the statement of work (SOW). Past issues of documents, such as superseded revisions of MIL-STD-100, may be used in attempting to establish the needed detail for entry into the SOW."

There are pointers in the body of MIL-DTL-31000A and MIL-STD-100 to the guidance contained in the above paragraph.

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FACT SHEET CALS Military Specifications and Standards that can be referenced in contracts without requesting waivers to the policy that steers the DoD away from using non-performance military specifications.

CALS International Standardization Initiative


MID-2 Metafile for Interactive Documents, Version 2 Application guide and draft performance specification for the encoding of interactive documents. (464k; March 1996)

MIL-HDBK-59B Notice of Cancellation

MIL-STD-963 Department Of Defense Standard Practice MIL-STD-963B (72Kb)
Associated DIDs (5Kb)

MIL-STD-100G DoD Standard Practice for Engineering Drawings (380k)
Note: MIL-STD-100G has been canceled and superseded by ASME-Y14.100, ASME-Y14.24, ASME-Y14.35M, AND ASME-Y14.34M

MIL-DTL-31000A Technical Data Package (132Kb)
Note: The current Revision is MIL-DTL-31000C

MIL-HDBK-9660A DoD Produced CD ROM Products - Guidance Only (257k; 30 Sep 96)
Note: The current revision is MIL-HDBK-9660B

MIL-PRF-28000A Digital Representation for Communication of Product Data: Application Subsets and Application Protocols (IGES)
Revision A (10 Feb 92) Amendment 1 (14 Dec 92)
Revision B (30 Sep 99)
(PDF format)
Note: The current revision is MIL-PRF-28000B

MIL-PRF-28003A Digital Representation for Communication of Illustration Data: CGM Application Profile Revision A (15 Nov 91)
Amendment 1 (14 Aug 92) (WordPerfect 5.0 format in a zipped "exe")
Note: The current revision is MIL-PRF-28003B

MIL-M-87268 Manuals, Interactive Electronic Technical; General Content, Style, Format, & User-Interaction Requirements (308k; 20 Nov 92)
Note: The current version is MIL-M-87268, Amendment 1, dated 15-JAN-2001

MIL-D-87269 Data Base, Revisable; Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals for Support of Orig. Issue (220k; 20 Nov 92)
Note: The current version is MIL-PRF-87269A, dated 01-OCT-1995 (Validated by Notice 1, dated 15-AUG-2000)

FIPS Pub 161-1 FIPS for Electronic Data Interchange (19 Apr 93)
Note: FIPS-Pub-161-1 has been superseded by FIPS-PUB-161-2 (29 April 96). Neither document has been adopted for use by DoD in accordance with the procedures in DoD 4120.24-M, DSP Policy and Procedure


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