Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy

Our mission is to ensure robust, secure, resilient, and
innovative industrial capabilities upon which the
Department of Defense can rely to fulfill
the Warfighter’s requirement


DoD Announces New Manufacturing Innovation Institute

Award given to the winner On Friday, April 1, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA), Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter announced the newest manufacturing innovation institute focused on revolutionary fibers and textiles. The Department of Defense (DoD) and the Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) – a competitively-selected consortium of 89 companies, universities, non-profits, research organizations, and startup incubators nationwide – partnered to create the eighth institute in the growing National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. The sixth of the institutes led by the DoD, this newest public-private partnership will focus on the manufacturing technologies that combine fibers and yarns with things like flexible integrated circuits, LEDs, solar cells, electronic sensors, and other capabilities to create advanced fabrics that can see, hear, sense, communicate, store energy, regulate temperature, monitor health, change color, and much more.

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Acting DASD (MIBP) Travels to Southeast Asia

Award given to the winner In February 2016, the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) for Manufacturing and Industrial Based Policy (MIBP) traveled to Singapore and Malaysia to represent Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (OUSD/AT&L) interests in the region. In Singapore, DASD Gudger attended the 2016 Singapore Airshow to demonstrate senior level support for U.S. industry to potential buyers and competitors; advocate on behalf of U.S. industry with senior foreign government officials; and gain a better understanding of the level of foreign competitive technology that can best be incorporated into the U.S. industrial base on behalf of the warfighter. DASD Gudger held meetings with senior Singaporean Ministry of Defence representatives to establish or strengthen bilateral ties and reinforce mutual interests, and engaged with senior U.S. defense industry representatives through an Aerospace Industries Association forum to gain a further understanding of industry's efforts to sustain the U.S. defense industrial base via the growing international market, particularly in Southeast Asia.

DASD Gudger also traveled to Malaysia at the request of the Office of Defense Cooperation at the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to speak at the inaugural U.S.-Malaysia Defense Trade Symposium (DTS). DTS' purpose was to establish a knowledge baseline regarding the U.S. defense export system amongst Malaysian government officials and local defense industry representatives while providing similar information regarding the Malaysian defense procurement system to U.S. government and U.S. industry participants. DASD Gudger provided opening remarks during the business-to-business networking session in which he encouraged closer industrial ties to buttress the government relationship.

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MIBP wants your feedback. If you know or have information regarding a company at risk within the Defense Industrial Base due to being a single/sole source provider, foreign source provider (security of supply issue), impacted by non-governmental organizations, export controls, foreign boycotts or other reasons you believe you may be at risk, please contact MIBP directly : MIBP Inquiry


gear.iconDefense Production Act (DPA)

Ensuring Industrial Support for
National Defense

Ensuring industrial base capabilities meet
current and future national security needs.

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Committee on Foreign Investment in the

Under Title VII of the Defense Production Act
the President has delegated authority to review
foreign acquisitions of U.S.-based firms and suspend or block them if they present credible threats to national security.

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Defense Manufacturing Technology Program

Develops technologies and processes to
ensure the affordable, timely production and
sustainment of defense systems.

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gear.iconSector-by-Sector, Tier-by-Tier

Assessing the Industrial Base

An ongoing project which, through multiple efforts, gathers industrial base data, maps supplier relationships, and evaluates industrial capabilities to deliver systems and services.

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Industrial Independent Research & Development

IR&D is a source of potential solutions for the technology challenges of the DoD. It is an R&D effort that is neither sponsored by a grant, nor required in performing a contract, and falls within any of the following four areas: basic research, applied research, development, and systems and other concept formulation studies.

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Promoting the U.S. and Canadian Industrial Base

In support of North American national security, the NATIBO facilitates technology and industrial base efforts between the U.S. and Canadian Defense Departments.

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