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Integrated Ground Security Surveillance Response – Capability (IGSSR-C)

IGSSR-C is a Joint requirement to provide a layered approach to integrate sensors, sensor systems and unmanned systems with automated fusion capabilities to create an in-depth security, surveillance and response Force Protection (FP) Common Operational Picture capability for fixed, semi-fixed or expeditionary elements in all operating environments. This capability will enable rapid decision analysis, speed the response process and increase information dissemination along the chain of command and with outside supporting organizations. The desired end state is to achieve interoperability with current and emerging FP systems used by Joint Forces, DoD agencies and multi-national forces. The desired objective is the ability to communicate and standardize rapid warnings to designated recipients throughout the Joint Services and agencies. The ability to provide and fuse detected activity information, regardless of format, that is mutually supporting across services and agencies is critical. The goal is to develop a set of software centric capability solutions that will be scalable, modular and tailor-able to fixed, semi-fixed or expeditionary Joint Force installations.



Key Dates / Milestones:

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