Program Information

MURI Program

The Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) subprogram within the DoD’s University Research Initiative (URI) began in 1986 to strengthen the Department’s investment in the multidisciplinary team approach to academic research. The awards focus on a single topic of basic research interest and support scientists and engineers from relevant disciplines to perform the research, in order to increase understanding to stimulate the emergence of new technology in areas connected to more than one discipline. Typically, MURIs have award sizes on average of $1M and longer durations than traditional university awards, with three years of guaranteed funding and an option to extend for an additional two years.

The MURI program is a DoD priority that is under the leadership and oversight of the Basic Research Office in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and the competition is jointly conducted by The Army Research Office, Office of Naval Research, and Air Force Office of Scientific Research. The topical areas for each annual competition are selected in a process that is informed by scientific and engineering research expertise both internal and external to the DoD. As with other multidisciplinary research within the DoD’s annual investment in university R&D, topics within the MURI program cover a broad range of research areas, and the awards support researchers with backgrounds in most science and engineering disciplines. After proposals are submitted through a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) at the Services, evaluations of MURI proposals are done according to a rigorous and careful peer review process.

For more information about a specific MURI, please contact the Principal Investigator or the Program Manager for that project.