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Future Directions Workshops

The Office of Basic Research sponsors a series of workshops on emerging areas of science that are a focus of the DoD research portfolio. Workshop participants include leading researchers in their fields from academia.

Reports from workshops that took place this past year are available on links below:

Listed in Descending order according to date (most recent at the top)

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workshop Basic Science and the Future Warfigher


workshop Future Directions in Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering Workshop • January 16-18, 2013


workshop Future Directions for Selected Topics in Mechanical and Civil Engineering Workshop • April 23-­25, 2012
workshop Neuroscience workshop (Columbia) • March 11-13 2012


workshop Future Directions in Mathematics Workshop • October 12-14, 2011
workshop Future Directions for Selected Topics in Computer Science • May 14-15, 2011

workshop This workshop highlighted many key areas of interest to the DoD including Quantum Computing and Control, Plasmonics, and Engineered Materials.

Future Directions in Engineered (Synthetic) Biology Workshop • April 4-5, 2011

workshop Future Directions for Selected Topics in Physics and Materials Science Workshop • January 19-21, 2011