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Defense Laboratory Enterprise

Map Usage Tutorial
This is where all the pieces come together to display the map locations of each lab by state. It has a text based version for accessibility and 508 compliance.

lab Map Tutorial

Interface Usage

  1. Clicking on any state will bring up a portal with a larger image of that state with markers representing laboratories located in that state.
  2. Mousing over any marker will prompt a pop up with a short blurb on that labs mission.
  3. Clicking on the title of the lab in the blurb will replace the portal with that labs home page which can be browsed and explored inside the portal.
  4. Clicking on the left button in the portal boarder will reload the state if the home page is currently being displayed.
  5. Clicking on the right button in the portal boarder will put the portal away.
  6. Clicking on the 'Explore By Defense Laboratory Enterprise Listing' will reveal a listing which you can explore. Clicking on any acronym will bring up the portal and preselect the state where the selected lab is located.
Explore By Defense Laboratory Enterprise Listing
View a full text based version
CLICK on the acronym list to the right or click on the map to explore the laboratories geographically.

You can also View a full text based version with notes by branch.

Splash graphics a map of the united states with laboratory locations