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Joint Federated Assurance Center

The Joint Federation Assurance Center (JFAC) is a federation of Department of Defense (DoD) organizations with a shared interest in promoting software and hardware assurance in defense acquisition programs, systems, and supporting activities.

JFAC member organizations and their technical service providers interact with program offices and other interested parties to provide software and hardware assurance expertise and support, to include vulnerability assessment, detection, analysis, and remediation services, and information about emerging threats and capabilities, software and hardware assessment tools and services, and best practices.

Community outreach includes research and development (R&D) activities, interaction among government agencies, and interaction with private industry.

The JFAC seeks to:

  • Operationalize and institutionalize assurance capabilities
  • Organize to better leverage the DoD, interagency, and public/private sector capabilities
  • Influence R&D investments and activities to improve assurance

For information, contact, the DASD(SE) JFAC Team.