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Modeling and Simulation

DoD Directive 5000.59 DoD Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Management assigns responsibility to the USD (AT&L) to represent the DoD Acquisition Community on the M&S Steering Committee. The Director, Systems Analysis within the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering serves in that role. The Acquisition Modeling and Simulation Community is focused on ensuring that the Defense acquisition community understands and uses M&S to help define, cost, develop, test, produce, operate, and sustain defense systems and systems-of-systems across the entire acquisition life cycle. The initiative is led by the Acquisition Modeling and Simulation Working Group (AMSWG), chartered under the DoD Systems Engineering Forum. Its purpose is to assist program managers and acquisition professionals by improving the utility of M&S in the acquisition of defense capabilities and products delivered to ultimately benefit the warfighters. This diagram depicts relationships between the DoD acquisition community and the modeling and simulation community and industry M&S resources as well as the DoD M&S framework.

The AMSWG will address common concerns, facilitate information exchange, align technical initiatives, propose modifications to acquisition policy and supporting guidance, influence DoD policy in areas closely related to acquisition policy, and pursue cross-cutting issue resolution across the acquisition community and within the modeling, and simulation enterprise.

  1. Advocate for acquisition modeling, and simulation needs and recommendations at the DoD corporate level.
  • Provide persistent representation for the acquisition modeling, and simulation community interests in cross-community and DoD corporate-level M&S forums.
  • Assess the state of acquisition modeling, and simulation, relevant new technologies, and new modeling related initiatives.
  • Define and implement a process to identify and prioritize modeling, and simulation needs/projects that serve the acquisition community; collect feedback and provide assist as applicable.
  • Further the reuse, by acquisition programs, of models, simulations and related products from other DoD Enterprise activities such as standards, tools, data, etc.
  • Foster the development and use of new state-of-the-art modeling, and simulation environments to aid in the acquisition of the world's best warfighting capabilities.
  • Promote and facilitate improvements in the expertise of the acquisition workforce in the areas of modeling, and simulation concepts, as well as enhance the expertise of the acquisition modeling, and simulation workforce.
  1. Monitor and assist in the evolution and execution of the Acquisition Modeling and Simulation Action Plan (AMSAP).
  2. Work with industry to achieve common modeling, and simulation approaches across industry and DoD applications.
  3. Serve as the DoD M&S outreach to academia for the research and exchange of information related to modeling and simulation technology and usage.
  4. Serve as the DoD Modeling and Simulation Acquisition Community's coordinating body for questions, recommendations, and requests from acquisition-related activities (e.g., SE Forum, M&S Steering Committee, etc.).

Contact the AMSWG Secretariat for access to the proceedings of the AMSWG.

Visit related M&S policy, guidance and tools, and workforce resources sections of the website for the latest information available in those areas and the role of the Modeling and Simulation Coordination Office.