Strategic and Tactical Systems (S&TS)

Naval Warfare (NW)

  • Responsible for acquisition oversight of tactical & strategic naval warfare programs and capabilities in the following areas:
    • Surface Warfare (Carriers, Surface Combatants)
    • Undersea Warfare (Submarines, Mine Countermeasures, Mining)
    • Anti-submarines Warfare (including Helicopters and Aircraft)
    • Expeditionary Warfare (Amphibious Ship Operations)
    • Strategic Sealift, Combat Logistics Force, and Maritime Pre-positioned Forces
    • Naval Combat Systems
    • Naval Weapons and Sensors
    • Naval Systems Interoperability and Integration
    • Net Centric Warfare
    • Unmanned Surface and Undersea Systems
    • Maritime Domain Awareness
  • Responsible for all matters dealing with shipbuilding; naval warfare; naval systems' research and development and acquisition within the Office of Secretary of Defense
  • Leads or serves on appropriate committees that address naval systems issues for the DoD
  • Leads or serves on appropriate committees that address joint or naval interoperability