Strategic and Tactical Systems (S&TS)

Strategic Warfare (SW)

  • The scope of the Strategic Warfare mission includes programs that will provide the nation with integrated global offenses and defenses that can assure allies and dissuade, deter, and defeat global adversaries. These programs will lead to new U.S. strategic military capabilities for:
    • Integrated homeland and theater missile defense
    • Integrated air and missile defense
    • Synchronized, tailored kinetic strike effects on surface, and underground hardened, and mobile targets worldwide, including adversary weapons of mass destruction
    • Prompt global strike, intercontinental and sea-launched ballistic missiles and hard and deeply buried target defeat
  • Provides support to Strategic and Tactical Systems (S&TS) and Under Secretary of Defense for AT&L on Missile Defense Agency Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) elements to include:
    • Transition and transfer of BMDS elements to the services
    • Life Cycle Management Process activities
    • Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution
    • Management of the Missile Defense Executive Board and the Program Acquisition and Budget Development Committee in support of USD(AT&L) and Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition
  • Provides oversight of DoD Service and Agency acquisition and technology development programs, including program planning and budget activities that support the implementation of the New Triad and the National Policy on Ballistic Missile Defense
  • Coordinates management oversight with the U.S. Intelligence, Research, Development, Test & Evaluation and defense industrial base communities as required
  • Leads or serves on special committees that address issues pertaining to strategic warfare programs and associated capabilities