DFARS Change Notice 20020531

DoD published 1 proposed and 3 final DFARS rules in the Federal Register on May 31, 2002. The final rules apply to solicitations issued on or after May 31, 2002, except as otherwise permitted by FAR 1.108(d). The proposed rule solicits public comments, which are due by July 30, 2002. A summary of each rule follows:

Proposed Rule:

Electronic Submission and Processing of Payment Requests (DFARS Case 2002-D001)

This rule proposes to add requirements for contractors to submit requests for payment in electronic form, and for DoD to process requests for payment and supporting documentation in electronic form. The rule implements 10 U.S.C. 2227, which requires electronic submission and processing of requests for payment under all DoD contracts by October 1, 2002, unless an exception applies.

See the Federal Register notice and line-in/line-out.

Final Rules:

Ocean Transportation by U.S.-Flag Vessels (DFARS Case 2000-D014)

This final rule specifies that requirements for use of U.S.-flag vessels, in the transportation of supplies by sea, apply to contracts at or below the simplified acquisition threshold as well as those that exceed the simplified acquisition threshold. The rule adds a new Alternate III to the clause at DFARS 252.247-7023, Transportation of Supplies by Sea, for use in contracts at or below the simplified acquisition threshold.

Affected subparts/sections: 213.3; 247.5; 252.212; 252.247

See the Federal Register notice and line-in/line-out.

Subcontract Commerciality Determinations (DFARS Case 2000-D028)

This final rule specifies that the contractor is responsible for determining whether a subcontract item meets the definition of "commercial item", and that the administrative contracting officer will review the contractor's commercial item determinations when conducting a Contractor Purchasing System Review.

Affected subparts/sections: Part 244 Table of Contents; 244.3; 244.4

See the Federal Register notice and line-in/line-out.

Utilization of Indian Organizations and Indian-Owned Economic Enterprises (DFARS Case 2000-D024)

The interim rule issued in Change Notice 20010911 is converted to a final rule without change. The rule added a new clause at DFARS 252.226-7001 to permit incentive payments to DoD contractors, and subcontractors at any tier, that use Indian organizations and Indian-owned economic enterprises as subcontractors.

Affected subparts/sections: None

See the Federal Register notice and line-in/line-out is not applicable.


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