DoD published the following DFARS change in the Federal Register on December 30, 2003, to become effective on January 1, 2004:


Interim Rule:


Unique Item Identification and Valuation (DFARS Case 2003-D081)


Requires contractors to provide unique identification for items delivered to DoD, through the use of item identification marking.Also requires contractors to identify the Governmentís unit acquisition cost for all items delivered. Unique identification and valuation will enable DoD to consistently capture the value of the items it buys, control these items during their use, and combat counterfeiting of parts.Additional information on DoDís unique identification policy can be found at


This DFARS rule replaces the interim rule published on October 10, 2003 (DFARS Change Notice 20031010), and applies to all solicitations issued on or after January 1, 2004.

Affected subparts/sections:Part 211 Table of Contents; 211.2; 212.3; Part 252 Table of Contents; 252.211


The Federal Register notice for this rule is available here.The notice solicits public comments, which are due by March 1, 2004.


A Microsoft Word format document showing all additions and deletions made by this rule is here.