On August 2, 2004, DoD published the following proposed rule resulting from the DFARS Transformation Initiative.  Additional information on the DFARS Transformation Initiative is available at 


Proposed Rule:


Tax Procedures for Overseas Contracts (DFARS Case 2003-D031) (Comments due October 1, 2004)


Proposed change relocates DFARS text to the new DFARS companion resource, Procedures, Guidance, and Information (PGI).  A proposed rule describing the purpose and structure of PGI was published on February 23, 2004 (DFARS Change Notice 20040223).  The relocated text contains procedures for contracting officer use in obtaining tax relief and duty-free import privileges for acquisitions conducted in Spain and the United Kingdom.  No substantive change has been made to the relocated text. 


The Federal Register notice for this proposed rule is available here.


A Microsoft Word format document showing all additions and deletions proposed by this rule is here.


A Microsoft Word format document showing the text proposed for inclusion in PGI is here.