DoD published the following change to the DFARS on January 13, 2005 :

Interim Rule

Free Trade Agreements – Australia and Morocco (DFARS Case 2004-D013)

Implements new Free Trade Agreements with Australia and Morocco . The Free Trade Agreements waive the applicability of the Buy American Act for some foreign supplies and construction materials from Australia and Morocco , and specify procurement procedures designed to ensure fairness. This DFARS change also updates terminology related to international trade agreements, and updates the list of countries eligible to participate in DoD procurements covered by the trade agreements, in accordance with policy of the U.S. Trade Representative. A corresponding change to the FAR was published in Federal Acquisition Circular 2001-27 on December 28, 2004 .

Affected subparts/sections: Part 225 Table of Contents; 225.1; 225.4; 225.5; 225.9; 225.75; 252.212; 252.225

The Federal Register notice for this rule is available here.

A Microsoft Word format document showing all additions and deletions made by this rule is here.