DoD published the following final DFARS change on September 13, 2005: 


Final Rule:


Radio Frequency Identification (DFARS Case 2004-D011)


Adds policy and a contract clause requiring contractors to affix passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, at the case and palletized unit load levels, when shipping certain items to certain DoD locations.  Also requires contractors to electronically submit advance shipment notices to DoD, to permit association of the RFID tag data with the corresponding shipment. 


Applies to contracts for packaged operational rations, clothing, individual equipment, tools, personal demand items, or weapon system repair parts, that will be shipped to the Defense Distribution Depot in Susquehanna, PA, or the Defense Distribution Depot in San Joaquin, CA. 


Use of RFID technology will improve the visibility of DoD assets, increase the accuracy of shipment and receipt data, and permit more efficient movement of supplies within the DoD supply chain.


This rule will become effective on November 14, 2005, and will be incorporated into the DFARS on that date.  


The Federal Register notice for this rule is available here. 


A Microsoft Word format document showing all additions and deletions made by this rule is here.


Additional information on RFID is available at