DoD published the following DFARS change on October 11, 2005: 


Final Rule:


Payment and Billing Instructions (DFARS Case 2003-D009)


Updates and improves procedures for payment and billing under DoD contracts.  The changes include: (1) addition of a contract clause addressing line item information needed in contractor payment requests; (2) amendment of material inspection and receiving report requirements to update invoice instructions; and (3) relocation of text addressing distribution of contracts and numbering of contract line items to PGI.  In addition, to eliminate the need for non-standard local payment clauses, a list of standard payment instructions has been added to PGI for use in Section G of the contract.


Affected subparts/sections:  Part 204 Table of Contents; 204.2; 204.71; Part 215 Table of Contents; 215.2; Part 252 Table of Contents; 252.204; Appendix F; PGI 204.2; PGI 204.71      


The Federal Register notice for this rule is available here. 


A Microsoft Word format document showing all additions and deletions made by this rule is here.


A Microsoft Word format document showing the text added to PGI is here.