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(Revised May 30, 2018)



 204.1103 Procedures.

204.1103  Procedures.


See PGI 204.1103 (DFARS/PGI view) for helpful information on navigation and data entry in the System for Award Management (SAM) database.


      (1)  On contract award documents, use the contractor’s legal or “doing business as” name and physical address information as recorded in the SAM database at the time of award.


      (2)  When making a determination to exercise an option, or at any other time before issuing a modification other than a unilateral modification making an administrative change, ensure that—


              (i)  The contractor’s record is active in the SAM database; and


              (ii)  The contractor’s Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number, Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code, name, and physical address are accurately reflected in the contract document.


      (3)  At any time, if the DUNS number, CAGE code, contractor name, or physical address on a contract no longer matches the information on the contractor’s record in the SAM database, the contracting officer shall process a novation or change-of-name agreement, or an address change, as appropriate. 


      (4)  See PGI 204.1103 (DFARS/PGI view) for additional requirements relating to use of information in the SAM database.


      (5)  On contractual documents transmitted to the payment office, provide the CAGE code, instead of the DUNS number or DUNS+4 number, in accordance with agency procedures.



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