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subpart 219.4--cooperation with the small business administration

(Revised December 31, 2019)



 219.401 General.
 219.402 Small Business Administration procurement center representatives.

219.401  General.


      (b)  The contracting activity small business specialist is the primary activity focal point for interface with the SBA.


219.402  Small Business Administration procurement center representatives.


      (c)(i)  Authority.  This section implements section 1811 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 (Pub. L. 114-328).


              (ii)  Definition.  As used in this section—


      “Humanitarian and civic assistance” means any of the following activities carried out in conjunction with authorized military operations in a foreign country:


                    (A)  Medical, surgical, dental, and veterinary care provided in areas of a country that are rural or underserved by professionals in those fields, including education, training, and technical assistance related to the care provided.


                    (B)  Construction of rudimentary surface transportation systems.


                    (C)  Well drilling and construction of basic sanitation facilities.


                    (D)  Rudimentary construction and repair of public facilities. (10 U.S.C. 401(e))


              (iii)  Exclusions.  Unless the contracting activity requests a review, SBA procurement center representatives will not review acquisitions conducted by or for DoD if the acquisition is—


                    (A)  For foreign military sales (see 225.7300);


                    (B)  In support of humanitarian and civic assistance;


                    (C)  In support of a contingency operation;


                    (D)  Awarded pursuant to a Status of Forces Agreement or other agreement with the government of a foreign country in which U.S. Armed Forces are deployed; or


                    (E)  Both awarded and performed outside the United States and its outlying areas.




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