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(Revised June 15, 2012)



 222.1403 Waivers.
 222.1406 Complaint procedures.

222.1403  Waivers.


      (c)  The contracting officer shall submit a waiver request through contracting channels to the labor advisor.  If the request is justified, the labor advisor will endorse the request and forward it for action to—


              (i)  The agency head for waivers under FAR 22.1403(a).  For the defense agencies, waivers must be approved by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition.


              (ii)  The Secretary of Defense, without the power of redelegation, for waivers under FAR 22.1403(b).


222.1406  Complaint procedures.

The contracting officer shall notify the complainant of such referral.  The contractor in question shall not be advised in any manner or for any reason of the complainant's name, the nature of the complaint, or the fact that the complaint was received.




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