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subpart 232.6--contract debts

(Revised September 30, 2015)



 232.602 Responsibilities.
 232.603 Debt determination.
 232.604 Demand for payment.
 232.610 Compromising debts.
 232.611 Contract clause.
 232.670 Transfer of responsibility for debt collection.
 232.671 Bankruptcy reporting.

232.602  Responsibilities.


      (b)  Disbursing officers are those officials designated to make payments under a contract or to receive payments of amounts due under a contract. The disbursing officer is responsible for determining the amount and collecting contract debts whenever overpayments or erroneous payments have been made. The disbursing officer also has primary responsibility when the amounts due and dates for payment are contained in the contract, and a copy of the contract has been furnished to the disbursing officer with notice to collect as amounts become due.


232.603  Debt determination.

When transferring a case to the contract financing office, follow the procedures at PGI 232.603 (DFARS/PGI view).                                                 


232.604  Demand for payment.

When issuing a demand for payment of a contract debt, follow the procedures at PGI 232.604 (DFARS/PGI view).                                                  


232.610  Compromising debts.

Only the department/agency contract financing offices (see PGI 232.070(c) (DFARS/PGI view)) are authorized to compromise debts covered by this subpart.


232.611  Contract clause.


      (a)  The Director of Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics), may exempt the contracts in FAR 32.611(a)(2) through (5) and other contracts, in exceptional circumstances, from the administrative interest charges required by this subpart.


              (7)  Other exceptions are—


                    (A)  Contracts for instructions of military or ROTC personnel at civilian schools, colleges, and universities;


                    (B)  Basic agreements with telephone companies for communications services and facilities, and purchases under such agreements; and


                    (C)  Transportation contracts with common carriers for common carrier services.


232.670  Transfer of responsibility for debt collection.

Follow the procedures at PGI 232.670 (DFARS/PGI view) for transferring responsibility for debt collection.


232.671  Bankruptcy reporting.

Follow the procedures at PGI 232.671 (DFARS/PGI view) for bankruptcy reporting. 




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