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245.601 Definitions.

245.603 Disposal methods.

245.603-70 Contractor performance of plant clearance duties.

(FAR 45.609);

245.603-71 Disposal of contractor inventory for NATO cooperative projects.

245.604 Restrictions on purchase or retention of contractor inventory.

245.606 Inventory schedules.

245.606-3 Acceptance.

245.606-5 Instructions for preparing and submitting schedules of contractor inventory.

(SF 1432).

245.606-70 Instructions for completing DD Form 1342, DoD Property Record.

245.607 Scrap.

245.607-1 General.

245.607-2 Recovering precious metals.

245.607-70 Scrap warranty.

245.608 Screening of contractor inventory.

245.608-1 General.

245.608-2 Standard screening.

245.608-5 Special items screening.

245.608-7 Reimbursement of cost for transfer of contractor inventory.

The Defense Logistics Agency will pay for the movement of industrial plant equipment under the direction and control of the Defense Supply Center Richmond.

245.608-70 Contractor inventory redistribution system (CIRS).

245.608-71 Screening industrial plant equipment.

Richmond (DSCR), ATTN: JH, 8000 Jefferson Davis Highway, Richmond, VA 23297-5100, for all IPE not condition coded "X" or "S." Process IPE condition coded "X" or "S" in accordance with department or agency procedures.

245.608-72 Screening excess automatic data processing equipment (ADPE).

Report ADPE that is Government-owned or leased by the contractor (with Government purchase option or other interests, including use rights) to the Defense Information Systems Agency, Defense Automation Resources Management Program Division (DARMP). DARMP does all required screening, including General Services Administration screening, for ADPE. (See the Defense Automation Resources Management Manual.)

245.609 Donations.

Agencies may donate, with GSA approval and without expense to the United States, certain material not needed by DoD to certain organizations such as veterans' organizations, soldiers' monument associations, State museums, and incorporated educational, not for profit museums. For further guidance, see DoD 4160.21-M, Defense Reutilization and Disposal Manual.

245.610 Sale of surplus contractor inventory.

245.610-1 Responsibility.

245.610-3 Proceeds of sale.

245.610-4 Contractor inventory in foreign countries.

245.612 Removal and storage.

245.612-3 Special storage at the Government's expense.

245.613 Property disposal determinations.

The plant clearance officer shall-

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