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subpart 237.70--mortuary services



 237.7000 Scope.
 237.7001 Method of acquisition.
 237.7002 Area of performance.
 237.7003 Distribution of contracts.
 237.7004 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.

237.7000  Scope.

This subpart contains acquisition procedures for contracts for mortuary services (the care of remains) for military personnel within the United States.  Departments/
agencies may use these procedures as guidance in areas outside the United States for both deceased military and civilian personnel.


237.7001  Method of acquisition.


      (a)  Requirements type contract.  By agreement among the military activities, one activity in each geographical area will contract for the estimated requirements for the care of remains for all military activities in the area.  Use a requirements type contract (see FAR 16.503) when the estimated annual requirements for the activities in the area are ten or more.


      (b)  Purchase order.  Where no contract exists, use DD Form 1155, Order for Supplies and Services/Request for Quotations, to obtain mortuary services.


237.7002  Area of performance.

Determine and define the geographical area to be covered by the contract using the following general guidelines—


      (a)  Use political boundaries, streets, or other features as demarcation lines.


      (b)  The size should be roughly equivalent to the contiguous metropolitan or municipal area enlarged to include the activities served.


      (c)  If the area of performance best suited to the needs of a particular contract is not large enough to include a carrier terminal commonly used by people within such area, the contract area of performance shall specifically state that it includes such terminal as a pickup or delivery point.


237.7003  Distribution of contracts.

In addition to normal contract distribution, send three copies of each contract to each activity authorized to use the contract, and two copies to each of the following—




Alexandria, VA  22331




Commander, Naval Medical Command

Department of the Navy (MED 3141)

23rd and E Streets, NW

Washington, DC  20372




Headquarters, AFMPC-MPCCM

Randolph AFB, TX  78150


237.7004  Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.


      (a)  Use the provision at 252.237-7002, Award to Single Offeror, in all sealed bid solicitations for mortuary services.  Use the basic provision with its Alternate I in all negotiated solicitations for mortuary services.


      (b)  Use the following clauses in all mortuary service solicitations and contracts, except do not use the clauses at 252.237-7004, Area of Performance, and 252.237-7010, Facility Requirements, in solicitations or contracts that include port of entry requirements—


              (1)  252.237-7003, Requirements, (insert activities authorized to place orders in paragraph (e) of the clause);


              (2)  252.237-7004, Area of Performance;


              (3)  252.237-7005, Performance and Delivery;


              (4)  252.237-7006, Subcontracting;


              (5)  252.237-7007, Termination for Default;


              (6)  252.237-7008, Group Interment;


              (7)  252.237-7009, Permits;


              (8)  252.237-7010, Facility Requirements; and


              (9)  252.237-7011, Preparation History.


      (c)  Use the clause at FAR 52.245-4, Government-Furnished Property (Short Form), in solicitations and contracts that include port of entry requirements.




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