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 239.7300 Scope of subpart.
 239.7301 Applicability.
 239.7302 Approvals and screening.
 239.7303 Contractor documentation.

239.7300  Scope of subpart.

This subpart prescribes approval requirements for automatic data processing equipment (ADPE) purchased by contractors for use in performing DoD contracts.


239.7301  Applicability.


      (a)  This subpart applies when the contractor purchases ADPE and title will pass to the Government.


      (b)  This subpart does not apply to ADPE acquired as a component of an end item.


239.7302  Approvals and screening.


      (a)  The requirements of this section highlight the redistribution requirements of the Defense Automation Resources Management Manual, and are in addition to those at FAR 45.302.


      (b)  If the contractor proposes acquiring ADPE subject to 239.7301, and the unit acquisition cost is $50,000 or more—


              (1)  The contracting officer shall require the contractor to submit, through the administrative contracting officer, the documentation in 239.7303.


              (2)  The administrative contracting officer—


                    (i)  Submits a request for screening the requirement against the pool of Government-owned ADPE to determine if available excess equipment could satisfy the contractor's needs.  The request should include the contractor's supporting documentation.  The request is sent to—


Defense Information Systems Agency

Chief Information Officer

Defense Automation Resources Management Program Division


701 South Courthouse Road

Arlington, VA  22204-2199; or


                    (ii)  Uses the Automation Resources Management System (ARMS) to screen on-line.  System access may be requested from the Defense Information Systems Agency, Chief Information Officer, Defense Automation Resources Management Program (DARMP) Division.  Customers may apply for an ARMS Account Number by calling the DARMP Help Desk at (703)696-1904; DSN 426-1904, FAX (703)696-1908; E-mail DARMP@NCR.DISA.MIL.


                    (iii)  Documents the result of the System query.


                    (iv)  Upon receipt of and based on screening results from DARMP, advises the contractor that excess ADPE—


                          (A)  Is available pursuant to the Defense Automation Resources Management Manual; or


                          (B)  Is not available and the contractor may proceed with acquisition of the equipment.


              (3)  The contracting officer—


                    (i)  Reviews the contractor's documentation;


                    (ii)  Decides whether to authorize the acquisition; and


                    (iii)  Advises—


                          (A)  The contractor if authorization is not granted; and


                          (B)  The administrative contracting officer if authorization is granted.


239.7303  Contractor documentation.

Contracting officers may tailor the documentation requirements in paragraphs (a) through (d) of this section.


      (a)  List of existing ADPE and an analysis of its use.


              (1)  List of each component identified by manufacturer, type, model number, location, date of installation, and how acquired (lease, purchase, Government-furnished).  Identify those acquired specifically to perform a Government contract.


              (2)  Reliability and usage data on each component for the past 12 months.


              (3)  Identification of users supported by each component, including how much time each user requires the component and the related contract or task involved.


      (b)  List of new ADPE needed and reasons why it is needed.


              (1)  Estimates of the new equipment's useful life.


              (2)  List of tasks the new equipment is needed for and why, including estimated monthly usage for each major task or project.


              (3)  Anticipated software and telecommunications requirements.


      (c)  Selection of computer equipment.


              (1)  If the acquisition is competitive—


                    (i)  List sources solicited and proposals received;


                    (ii)  Show how the evaluation was performed;


                    (iii)  Provide an explanation if the selected offer is not the lowest evaluated offer.


              (2)  If the acquisition is not competitive, state why.


      (d)  Cost.  State the ADPE cost.




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