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subpart 242.74--technical representation at contractor facilities

(Revised November 09, 1999)



 242.7400 General.
 242.7401 Procedures.

242.7400  General.


      (a)  Contract administration offices (CAOs) are the designated representatives of DoD for the administration of contracts (see FAR 42.202 and 42.302).  DoD activities shall use CAOs to perform contract administration service functions at or near contractor facilities (see 242.202(a)).


      (b)  Program managers may conclude that they need technical representation in contractor facilities to perform non-contract administration service (CAS) technical duties and to provide liaison, guidance, and assistance on systems and programs.  In these cases, the program manager may assign technical representatives under the procedures in 242.7401.


      (c)  Program managers should carefully assess the number of technical representatives required to perform the non-CAS technical functions so as to keep the total assigned in-plant to the minimum necessary.


      (d)  A technical representative is a representative of a DoD program, project, or system office performing non-CAS technical duties at or near a contractor facility.  A technical representative is not—


              (1)  A representative of a contract administration or contract audit component; or


              (2)  A contracting officer's representative (COR) (see 201.602).


242.7401  Procedures.


      (a)  When the program, project, or system manager determines that a technical representative is required, the manager shall issue a letter of intent to the contract administration office commander listing the assignment location, starting and ending assignment dates, technical duties assigned, delegated authority, and support required from the contract administration office.  Any issues regarding the assignment of a technical representative should be resolved promptly.  However, final decision on the assignment remains with the program manager.  Issues regarding the assignment of technical duties which cannot be resolved between the program office and the defense plant representative office will be escalated.


      (b)  The program, project, or system manager shall furnish the designated technical representative a letter of assignment of delegated technical duties, with copies to the contract administration office, the contracting officer, and contractor, at least 30 days before the assignment date (or termination date).  Any changes to the requirements of the assignment letter will be made by a new letter of intent and processed in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section.


      (c)  The contract administration office normally provides the technical representative with office space, equipment, supplies, and part-time clerical support.  The program, project, or system manager provides supervision, technical direction, administrative services (e.g., pay, travel, maintenance of personnel records), and, when required, full-time clerical support.


      (d)  The program manager or designee and the contract administration office, at the local level, shall negotiate a memorandum of agreement (MOA) delineating their functional administrative interrelationships, with annual updates as necessary.  The agreements may be included in an existing MOA, if one exists, or as a separate MOA.


      (e)  The technical representative shall keep the contract administration office commander fully informed of matters discussed with the contractor.  The contract administration office shall also keep the technical representative fully informed of contractor discussions which relate to technical matters within the purview of the technical representative's assigned duties.




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