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SUBPART 245.70--APPointment of property administrators and plant clearance officers



 245.7001 Selection, appointment, and termination.
 245.7002 Duties and responsibilities of plant clearance officers.

245.7001  Selection, appointment, and termination.


      (a)  The head of a contracting activity for the Defense Logistics Agency, or the head of the contract administration office for other departments and agencies shall select, appoint, or terminate (in writing) property administrators and plant clearance officers.


      (b)  In selecting qualified property administrators and plant clearance officers, the appointment authority shall consider experience, training, education, business acumen, judgment, character, and ethics.


245.7002  Duties and responsibilities of plant clearance officers.

The plant clearance officer shall—


      (a)  Instruct the contractor on the preparation of inventory schedules;


      (b)  Make pre-inventory scrap determinations;


      (c)  Determine the acceptability of inventory schedules and DD Forms 1342, DoD Property Record;


      (d)  Prepare and maintain plant clearance cases and disposal documents;


      (e)  Initiate screening and provide technical support to screeners in the selection of assets;


      (f)  Conduct or arrange for verification of the following—


              (1)  Quantity, condition, description, and special processing requirements of property listed on inventory schedules;


              (2)  Technical and quantitative allocability of property;


      (g)  Ensure the timely shipment or release by the contractor of property selected for transfer and donation;


      (h)  Determine the appropriate method of disposal for items not selected for Federal agency use or donation and ensure final plant clearance is accomplished;


      (i)  Evaluate and monitor the contractor's surplus property sales program;


      (j)  For individual surplus property sales—


              (1)  Approve method of sale;


              (2)  Ensure the sales offerings meet prescribed requirements;


              (3)  Witness bid openings;


              (4)  Evaluate bids;


              (5)  Approve sale awards;


              (6)  Secure anti-trust clearances, as required;


              (7)  Recommend the reasonableness of selling expenses; and


              (8)  Ensure that sales proceeds are collected and property credited;


      (k)  Monitor ongoing plant clearance actions to ensure delays are minimized and, when necessary, work with the contractor and property administrator to implement improvements;


      (l)  Evaluate the adequacy of the contractor’s property disposal procedures;


      (m)  Support the property administrator during the compliance analysis of the disposition portion of the contractor’s property control procedures;


      (n)  Report all disposal deficiencies to the property administrator;


      (o)  Account for all contractor inventory reported for disposal by the contractor and prepare prescribed plant clearance reports; and


      (p)  Advise and assist the contractor, contracting officer, inventory manager, Federal agencies, and eligible donees in actions related to the proper and timely disposal of contractor inventory.




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