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subpart 249.5--contract termination clauses



 249.501 General.
 249.501-70 Special termination costs.

249.501  General.


249.501-70  Special termination costs.


      (a)  The clause at 252.249-7000, Special Termination Costs, may be used in an incrementally funded contract when its use is approved by the agency head.


      (b)  The clause is authorized when—


              (1)  The contract term is two years or more;


              (2)  The contract is estimated to require—


                    (i)  Total RDT&E financing in excess of $25 million; or


                    (ii)  Total production investment in excess of $100 million; and


              (3)  Adequate funds are available to cover the contingent reserve liability for special termination costs.


      (c)  The contractor and the contracting officer must agree upon an amount that represents their best estimate of the total special termination costs to which the contractor would be entitled in the event of termination of the contract.  Insert this amount in paragraph (c) of the clause.


      (d)(1)  Consider substituting an alternate paragraph (c) for paragraph (c) of the basic clause when—


                    (i)  The contract covers an unusually long performance period; or


                    (ii)  The contractor's cost risk associated with contingent special termination costs is expected to fluctuate extensively over the period of the contract.


              (2)  The alternate paragraph (c) should provide for periodic negotiation and adjustment of the amount reserved for special termination costs.  Occasions for periodic adjustment may include—


                    (i)  The Government's incremental assignment of funds to the contract;


                    (ii)  The time when certain performance milestones are accomplished by the contractor; or


                    (iii)  Other specific time periods agreed upon by the contracting officer and the contractor.




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